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Old Republic Insurance Company - Extended Coverage

Commercial Auto Workers Compensation
Healthcare Expanded Plus
Extended Cancellation (60 days) Executive Officer Expenses
Broad Form Insured –180 days for newly acquired or formed orgs. EL increased Limits 275/275/500
Supplementary Payments
*cost of bail bonds to $2,500
Other States extended reporting notice within 90 days
Amended Fellow Employee Exclusion –exclusion does not apply Transfer of Rights and Duties
Hired Auto Physical Damage – up to a $40,000 limit. Notice of Cancellation
Physical Damage Additional Transportation Expense Liberalization
Amended Duties accident, claim, suit, or loss. Unintentional Failure to Disclose
Unintentional Failure to Disclose Voluntary Compensation & EL
Hired Auto Coverage Territory EL Stop Gap
Resultant Mental Anguish Foreign Coverage Reimbursement (Included in statute in Pennsylvania)
Lease Gap Coverage U.S.L. & H. Coverage
Glass Repair Deductible Waiver Loss of Earnings Actual Loss Sustained – incurred at our request
Airbag Coverage Catastrophic Injury, additional expenses for:

Family Counseling expenses - Employee suffers a catastrophic injury - $2,500 per family maximum.
Sound Receiving and Reproducing Equipment – Broadened Coverage Catastrophic Injury, additional expenses for:

Crisis Consultant Services subject to a maximum of $3,000 any one event.
Extra Expense of returning stolen covered auto Catastrophic Injury, additional expenses for:

Temporary staff expense incurred to assist coverage of injured employees duties - subject to maximum of $1,000.
Two or More Deductibles Catastrophic Injury, additional expenses:

All expenses subject to $25,000 limit per policy period.